Product warranty:

All your purchased goods in online store Laikslaivot.lv are provided with Latvian legislation for warranty. Warranty period is 24 months, during which will be made free warranty service in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Warranty service includes product experienced technical problems or manufacturer's defect.

In such cases you need the necessary proof of payment (check, receipt).

Complaints about your purchased product quality will be considered in accordance with Latvian law "On protection of consumer rights» and the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers of the regulatory framework No. 631 "Procedure for submission and review of consumer claims on not corect goods or services» requirements.

Before the use of a product carefully read the instructions that comes with the product.

Warranty shall not apply if:

  • product is not used according to the instructions for the specified purposes, which provide goods appropriate use;
  • item is corrected manually or design does not meet the original;
  • product serial number is not displayed or is manually damaged;
  • there is noticeable external impact damades on the goods;
  • the product has external physical damage that are caused by the same person, accidents like fire, natural conditions, third party etc.
  • the product has external physical damage caused by improper assembly or accessory use;
  • product is not used for personal purposes, but the pursuit of profit in cases,where the manufacturer's does not intend these items to be used for such purposes.